The Maze

Bhul Bhulaiya at Bada Imambara, Lucknow

Bhul Bhulaiya at Bada Imambara, Lucknow


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I am just a watcher then. Sometimes I watch life, sometimes I watch death; many times I watch in between...

17 Responses to “The Maze”

  1. I was in Lucknow about a month back (and in fact am writing a post on my visit there) and have taken many pictures of the bhul bhulaiya there. Lovely capture.

  2. good depth. perfect lighting.

  3. Thanks Ramakant. It is really tough when the subject has been shot to death!

  4. Beautiful ! Stumbled on your blog and I am loving it! 🙂

  5. Love the Depth..Nice Click

  6. I stumbled upon your photoblog today! I love the picture. It looks very lifelike.

  7. Lovely!

    I wandered into this blog of yours and discovered some nice portraits and this a-maze-ing click.

    I passed the Bhul Bhulaiya during the few hours I spent in Lucknow – didn’t get time to visit.

    Liked the cute photos of the kids and the boat one, roped!


  8. Thank you, Jayadev, for the appreciation and encouragement.

  9. lovely view… never been to Lucknow, I heard it has lots of old world charm left in the city, so hopefully, I will get to see it someday!

  10. I am so glad I have found your photography blog. I haven’t seen this place…this must be what infinity is like.

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