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I am just a watcher then. Sometimes I watch life. Sometimes I watch death. Many times I watch in between...

38 Responses to “Roped”

  1. An anchored boat…a boat with a safe harbor, a place to call home…but are there a tad too many boats anchored? Is that an itch I see to unanchor, push away and be adrift–let the current carry, let the toughts explode and dreams rise?

  2. Bhavana, the group-shoot is the subject here. I don’t see why it is hard for you to untie one of them and explode to the dreamland.

  3. roped and protected against he dramatic clouds 🙂 at the same time it looks calm too 🙂 nice one.

  4. Rippling blues watched
    by the clouds with a raised eyebrow
    and a sylvan green spread
    observing sedately
    from the sidelines,
    what age we live in.

    Across the green
    on the other side
    folks on water skis,
    sliding around behind fast boats,
    both them and the boats,
    with noses up in the air;
    perhaps a damsel,
    parasailing ,
    flying high with a boat parachute.

    But here,
    the elderly
    mama boat and a papa boat,
    resting a bit high on the sand,
    holding on to a rope;
    Six little daughter boats,
    firmly anchored
    to someone else
    on the land;
    the flagship son boat
    flags flying,
    freely revving
    planning to head out
    to the sea.

    And the waves,
    roll in,
    lap around the boats,
    patting their sides,
    and recede back,
    giving us a look of reproach
    as if to say,
    “Think what you like,
    but we take care
    of our own,

  5. Awesome like Van Gogh’s boat paintings.

  6. wow!!! where is it? don’t understand the technicalities of photography but looks amazing 🙂

  7. A nice pic! Liked the colors and a little break in pattern of the anchored boats… 🙂

  8. I get a feeling you don’t give your photography skills much credit but I think its brilliant! 🙂

  9. Beautiful I love the clouds in this picture

  10. Interesting composition. The ropes leading to the boat with the background sky makes it very inviting. Where is this shot? Radhanagar beach?

  11. Beautiful shot. The clear blue skies and a nice perspective.

  12. love the blues!
    beautifully composed and shot ambiance!

  13. Wow. Love the composition. I like how you have used ropes as lines in this photograph. Good work!

  14. Awesome colors sir.

  15. Makes for a colourful display with approaching thunder in the backdrop.

  16. beautiful..! loved “tamas”too!

  17. wow..I didn’t know you had a photo blog too.. let me explore 🙂

  18. I did not know you have a foto blog.. Not sure if i have visited it before.. Well Now then .. I have a cannon D550.. with a 18t o5mm lens and another one from 75 to 300mm lens ..

    But i know nothing about how to take fotos, i take millions is some come out good I delete the rest.. So how about you telling me where to start and how to go about it in lay mans language.. yes i have red a couple of articles explaining aperture shutter and what not .. but I am a desi person half the time i dont understand what they mean ..

    Can I ask something please rather a humble request if you can put the setting u have used 🙂 so i can try some of those ..

    sorry if i am asking for too much

  19. What a beautiful photograph, with a lonely feel to it. Colorful boats, tempting sea, but no one around. Dark clouds looming, perhaps, at day’s end, work done?

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